By Claudia Gova

Let start

The silence inside you

But How?

I propose you to analyze when, in your daily life, you hold a space dedicated to you. For me, I hardly found one in the past. Today I wake up and push myself or myself carries me, to start a meditation. And this simple act of stretching and sitting to breathe and stay still is the practice I choose to name as “my offering”. What I do? I light a candle, the room remains dark even I know the outside is full of vehicles coming and going, birds are already on their way through the sky, kids are running to their schools. And I, even my schedule, deliver 20 minutes of awareness.

It’s a quiet prayer

It’s a soft approach to the day

It’s breathing and realizing the careful energy that the night carried to the day

It’s like stitching

It is, It is, It is

Olaf Hajek

I poke this image to illustrate what I consider, the moment of approaching meditation is. Full of color even it is the same room you wake up every day. If you chose to sit down, close your eyes and start breathing deeply and exhaling…. probably it won’t appear unicorns or art figurines, it will appear an encounter. With you, a dark universe, an immense door that awaits to be found and hold with softness and patience.



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