By Claudia Gova


In the path of self-awareness and meaning, most of us open a door to feeling, to internal patterns and to memory inspection. When we are searching light or better understanding of our own questions, we should be cautious, previewing that the route of inquiry will bring us storms and strong inputs in order to offer the opportunity to enter new oceans of consciousness and perceptions on life.

Chris Slabber

The deep we seek

possibility opens an infinite cage

lost or found, up or down,

the direction and gravity by disguising

reveals that

to find what we aim to join

the ground is needed

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.04.54.png

To get into that wisdom of integrating not only knowledge but the experience is required. An overture or focus towards our inner life is a process of allowing information first to invade us, then pass through. For me, the most subtle and often forbidden movement is to be rooted so we can be capable of discerning and later, releasing all identifications.

What happens when we close our eyes? We see darkness, black, void. And possibly we could feel free to suspend there for a while or more confuse while we catch thoughts or sensations interfering “the signal”.  What made us come back and don’t panic of staying there, in that empty space, is the body: our first ally in the contact to earth.

We should use it more wisely, softly and with total patience.

I should remember when my emotions are yelling or hiding, that whenever I chose to seek meaning and calm, my body is the first part of this adventure that needs to be simply protected, checked and well based. Through breathing, through feeling my posture and through scanning we open a relation that can start weaving effective highways of communication between our wholeness.

“Searching for the elements,
The roots of a fundamental love,
Been reaching out to find my solid ground”

                                                                                                    –Roo Panes

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