Written by Claudia Gova

Yesterday I went into a poem. I took a train across a show, a play, an orchestra, where a poetess drew images and joined intimate experiences to a close and small public.

She invited strangers to her house -the event started from the outside to her sacred space. And I was surprised of my accessibility and corporeal response, I allow myself enjoy it all. The invitation, the walk, the gaze of the streets through her eyes, the emotions she invoked and the words I let to resonate inside.

It was a proposition and I took it. Without resistance nor solid expectation, with love, she kept opening windows and I kept poking.

In our lives, how often we take place there? To the point of exploration with curiosity and sweet gaze? Rummaging… about how I get into that state I realize that precisely yesterday, I was tired. The whole week and since the year has started, I feel pushed to rearrange my resources of time and space, of embodying and discarding.

So at night, I met up on time for that appointment of poetry and mystery, bare and without knowing what the show was about. The only source that I had was the name of it,  Mujer mar that means “sea woman”. Two words of great force.

Whale while I was there, listening with my soul, I felt admiration. For the woman casting spells, whispering to all of us about all her masks, her past, her identity painted with colors, sounds, scents, and lovers.

Resonance, breathing and holding the breath, being part of that spectacle. Unusual and at the same time, casual, very human. Poetry, words, rooms, body expression.

In all that cocktail, I let myself adore. And also, I recognize that a good work of art was being displayed with freedom and care.

Kostis Pavlou


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